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Law Offices of Steven E. Brunette & Associates

Welcome to our web site!
                                                        MISSION STATEMENT

Our Mission is to provide the Food, Functional Foods, Dietary & Nutritional Supplements Industry and its Affiliate Businesses with the highest quality of legal services based on our commitment to:
  • Professional, Personal Integrity
  • Timely & Cost Efficient Support  (24/7)
  • Primary Focus on the Client's Interests
  • Added Value as a Team Member building your Business
  • International & Domestic Clients
  • Multiple Referral Services (Product Development, Marketing, Distribution, Sales)
  • Regulatory Advice (Labeling, Claims Made, Ingredients)
  • Dispute Resolution / Litigation as Required

You probably never want to hire a lawyer or incur the expense involved. We know this, but building a business and working with a lawyer should be a productive and positive task, coupled with real "value-added" services. We strive to make your experience a positive one in all respects. Our "mission" is to prevent legal issues "before" they occur, and resolve all that do.
Steven E. Brunette is a business and commercial lawyer, with a unique specialty in the food , dietary, and nutritional industry. We have recently expanded into "green" energy solutions, saving clients costs in all aspects of manufacturing operations. With over 30 years experience in Fortune 100 companies, he and his associates are prepared to help you with a wide range of legal needs.

Our Fee Structures are always flexible, and designed to accommodate all types and sizes of business clients. 
We look forward to working with you.


Law Offices of Steven E. Brunette
& Associates
3019 Sunnywood Drive, Ste A
Fullerton,  CA.  92835
714-993-1593 - Main Office
714-524-7360 - Fax
714-356-2607 - Cell

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Please don't hesitate to call us to discuss your specific needs.
 -- Initial Consultations at NO COST to your Company.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The information at this web site is for advertising and general information purposes. This information is not intended to be legal advice for you to rely on. We recommend you contact the firm for specific questions.

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